Thistle Cottage Home

NEW! Golden Hand Cut Silhouette


***The last day to order and send in photos for Christmas delivery is December 1st***

This listing will include a digital silhouette!

Simply email a photo of the profile you'd like to use to [email protected] after purchase.

Your silhouette will be hand cut from fine textured gold card stock and lightly fixed to a white piece of heavy card stock (in case you are planning on removing it to fix onto another surface). Silhouettes average 8" but can range in size from 5"-8" tall, depending on hair style, and relation in size to any other silhouettes you order, but we can do larger or smaller sizes if you get in touch with us via email to discuss.

Email a photo of the profile you'd like to use to [email protected] then I will email you the digital version to ok when it is completed. After I get the ok, I will cut your silhouette and send it on it's way to you. Our turn around rate for emailing proofs back to you is currently 7-10 days.

About the photo you email:
- Make sure the entire head/hair is in the photo
- Make sure the camera is level with their heads and not tilting upward or downward
-The clearer the photo, the better

There's an example of a good photo in the photos for this listing. Phone photos are totally fine!